Quick-wear rebel boss, you stop!

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Clear rain in the hands of playing with bloodthirsty vine, there is no need to help the appearance, but Luo Yan side of the pressure has suddenly eased a lot, the reason is that those zombies suddenly become a lot of dull.

Clear rain in the hands of playing with bloodthirsty vine, there is no need to help the appearance, but Luo Yan side of the pressure has suddenly eased a lot, the reason is that those zombies suddenly become a lot of dull. Chapter 108: Zombie Queen 6. Host, why are you helping them? When Stinky Egg saw this, he knew that it was the clear rain that put pressure on the zombies in the dark, which made the zombies dull, but Stinky Egg did not know the reason why the clear rain did so. I owe Luo Yan a golden finger. Luo Yan is the pillar of the world, since she took a thing from the pillar of the world, it is necessary to return the same, in exchange, this is also the way of heaven here to arrange for her to return the gift, otherwise the way of heaven will not let men and women encounter dangers they can not deal with, or with their partners. Because of the secret help of the clear rain, this can be a devastating blow to the danger of Yan Hua team, only ended with some serious injuries, and Luo Yan and Jiang Wenhua both got a six-level zombie nuclear crystal. When it was determined that there was no danger of killing men and women around, Qingyu was about to leave, but was discovered by Jiang Wenhua. Miss, we meet again. When Jiang Wenhua saw Qingyu who was about to leave, his eyes flashed, and then he called Qingyu in a loud voice, in a respectful tone,aluminium coated steel tube, "I wonder if the young lady can tell me her life, so that Wenhua can repay the young lady for saving her life twice." Originally Luo Yan curious who will let Jiang Wenhua so low profile, but after seeing the clear rain, Luo Yan expressed understanding, the whole person they can not provoke, if you can make friends with them, that is of great benefit to them, and see the clear rain, Luo Yan also understand just how the action of those zombies suddenly became dull,aluminium coated tubes, if it is clear rain such a strong person, there should be a way to do it. The grace of saving life is out of the question. Last time my purpose was bloodthirsty vine. This time it's just passing by. You don't have to thank me. The clear rain was discovered, also did not continue to hide, looked at Jiang Wenhua to say lightly. But you did save us, otherwise we might not be able to get out of the forest. Although Qingyu said so, Luo Yan was still grateful to Qingyu, even though the appearance of Qingyu made her not get the seedling that seemed not simple. Originally, the people of the Yan Hua team also thought, who is this person ah, unexpectedly saved the life of the lieutenant twice, but after listening to the dialogue between Qingyu and Luo Yan, they understood that Qingyu is Jiang Wenhua and Luo Yan said, in the forest met the strong, and this time it seems that because of Qingyu they can so easily solve these zombies. Even without me, you can walk out of the forest alive. And if not for her, Jiang Wenhua and Luo Yan into the forest time is two months later, Cold Drawn Steel Tubes ,Cold Drawn Tubes, at that time two people are six powers, and bloodthirsty vine has been stable, they into the forest is much less dangerous than now, and did not encounter such a strange zombie. The two people did not insist on the attitude that Qingyu did not want to recognize these two favors and changed the topic, but they still decided to repay Qingyu. Don't know Miss's name? Luo Yan "Clear Rain." "I wonder where you are going?" Jiang Wenhua asked this in order to facilitate future contacts and gratitude, of course, it would be better if they were on the same road. Huaxia Base. There is no intention to hide this clear rain, after all, it may be encountered in the Huaxia base in the future. As it happens, we are from the Huaxia base, and we are going back now. Why don't we go together? When Luo Yan heard Qingyu's answer, he immediately said happily that God really helped him. For Luo Yan's title, Qingyu did not immediately give an answer, but looked at Luo Yan, so that Luo Yan could not help but feel that she had done something sorry for Qingyu and had a guilty conscience, but Qingyu did not let people wait too long, "Yes." Originally Luo Yan thought that Qingyu would not agree, after all, just Qingyu looked at her eyes, it was really terrible, did not expect the next moment Qingyu agreed. That's really great! Luo Yan shouted happily, originally also wanted to embrace the clear rain, but was avoided by the clear rain. Embarrassed, Luo Yan withdrew his hand and laughed shyly. Jiang Wenhua took Luo Yan's hand directly and said to Qingyu, "Miss Qingyu, please wait a moment. We need to check the vehicle.". ” Qingyu nodded coldly, as a response, and then stood playing with the bloodthirsty vine, the poor bloodthirsty vine was turned over by Qingyu, over the past into a variety of shapes. And the people of the Luo Yan team, as soon as they heard that they were going to check the car, immediately ran to check the car without a second delay. I always thought the lieutenant was cold enough, but I didn't expect someone to be colder than the lieutenant. Someone shuddered and said to his companion. Our lieutenant is called cold, but this Miss Qingyu is really cold. "Her eyes are actually blood-red, like the eyes of zombies, but there are some differences, really strange." "Check all the cars and chat here. You are men, not gossip women." Luo Yan in the past, according to each person's back of the head is a slap, really, so brazenly in front of my comments, also not afraid to be silenced ah. Captain, aren't we curious? The baby face is looking at Luo Yan with an ingratiating smile. All right, let's go if there's no problem. Don't make Miss Qingyu angry. If she wants to do something to you, it's estimated that no one can save you. Jiang Wenhua said seriously. Is she really so powerful? How many levels is she? Although Luo Yan and Jiang Wenhua said that Qingyu was powerful, but they had not really seen it, they were still quite doubtful, after all, Qingyu looked so young, Luo Yan and Jiang Wenhua could be so young to level five is already an example, and if they can not compete with Qingyu,cold drawn tubes, then how many levels is Qingyu? "I don't know, but level five mutant plants don't even have the ability to struggle in her hands, and they can suck distant targets in front of her." Luo Yan shook her head and said that she could still clearly remember the feeling of the twisted silk flying past her ear. Is it a space power? Zhao Liang speculated. cbiesautomotive.com