Go to the End of the World Alone _ Butterfly Blue _ txt Novel Paradise

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Chen Dong took a heavy puff on his cigarette and said with a sigh, "Now there are a few new people coming out.

Jian Wuheng and Feiyun were sent to the resurrection point by the crossbow. Jian Wuheng said reluctantly before he left: "*** you, protect your own people first!" Where did I come from to see a sword soaring into the sky? At this time, I could not spare my hands, and I felt that I could take advantage of it. Come forward with a loud cry of "Snatching the Treasure Plan". The two of them got close to each other, and their swords soared into the sky, burning with anxiety. But this crossbow always does not stop, in this way, he can only let everyone be shot by the crossbow, also better than fall off a cliff and die. The Raiders rushed up from the left, and the wind was rustling near him. Where did I come from? I pulled over from the right side, but I was staring at the wash. The wind rustling heart is only more anxious than a sword into the sky, at this time the internal force is overflowing, but the whole body is not energetic. Even if you can only lift one arm, let yourself make a move! Supersonic Throwing Knife, no matter who it is, it is absolutely a dead end. Cold sweat oozed from the wind's rustling forehead, and in the midst of the confusion, he could clearly hear the footsteps of the Raiders approaching. www.xiaoshuotXt,coM Chapter 465 falling off a cliff. The wind rustling heart pounding, watching a sword into the sky has been unable to spare hands to take care of where I come from and treasure. Devour the novel net heart like dead ash, only hope oneself can die under the arrow, but is not thrown off the cliff by the Indiana Jones plot. A sword into the sky plan has been decided,magnetic separator machine, at this time the sword deliberately a leak, a few crossbow arrows straight toward the wind Xiao Xiao shot, the wind Xiao Xiao actually feel joy, closed his eyes. Who knew that the plot to seize the treasure unexpectedly expected this, already rushed forward, stopped in front of the wind. The crossbow shot at the body of the Indiana Jones, but it bounced off with a "ding". A sword into the sky back a pull, shout not good,tin beneficiation plant, the wind rustling has been grimly grinning in the hands of the Indiana Jones plot. Make a prompt decision: Even if we sacrifice everyone, we must not let anyone fall off the cliff. Just as he was about to command the flying sword to chase the Raiders, suddenly a long and narrow white light flashed and flew straight to the ground. The white light flashed away because the distance was too close. And the target character, Snatch, didn't even have a chance to react. He collided with the white light and made a loud noise. Although the defense of "Tianlong Soft Golden Armor" is strong, the strength of this can not be borne, and people have already flown out. The wind in his hand could not hold it and threw it back to the ground. The wind is burning with anxiety, and if you play like this again, you will be killed even if you are not killed by anyone. This change is a big surprise. But this white light is not unfamiliar to everyone, let go of hand washing at this time half squatting on the ground, hands "Bai Sheng Jian" on the ground, in front of a pool of blood. Seeing the paleness of washing one's face, the wind rustling was very moved. Very want to know gratitude immediately a knife to help him solve the approaching where I come from, but the body has fallen apart in general, where there is strength. But as soon as he breathed a little, Carbon in Pulp ,coltan ore processing, the "Baisheng Sword" supporting the ground suddenly gave birth to an uncertain white awn. As soon as the arm vibrates, the white awn is suddenly full, in an instant is a sword gas, points directly to where I come from. This is greatly beyond people's expectation. The wind rustling heart straight confused, staring at the pool of blood in front of the wash, trying to recall which boss had vomited there in advance. Otherwise, there is no reason to have two swords in a row under such a serious injury, and one sword is as strong as one sword. A sword into the sky to see the release of hand wash so powerful, immediately put down the heart, the heart probably release of hand wash also has similar to their own and sword traceless pills. Where do I come from? There is no "Tianlong Soft Golden Armor". I can't stand it. But no one expected that he could resist at such a distance. In the hands of "Qiqiao Fan" has been launched without delay, one block and one belt, the sword gas along the fan away. A narrow crack in the ground, apparently turning in front of where I came from, went straight to the edge of the cliff. Everyone was dumbfounded, and once again had a deep understanding of where I came from, and what was even more surprising was that his "leverage" could be so powerful. Where I came from caused a great shock to the public, but I did not feel well. The power of this sword has reached the maximum range that he can bear, and the right hand that blocks this sword is trembling freely at this time, and his heart can not be calm for a long time. Hand washing did not give him a chance to calm down, at the foot of a meal, the body has been pulled up, this time is no longer out of the sword gas, but directly in the hands of the "white sword" stab. Where did I come from? Although I was a little distracted, there was really nothing clever about letting go of the sword. It was enough to use only half of my attention. Block it with a wave of your hand. Let go of the long sword in the wash, but take advantage of the opportunity to cross, and then cut my throat where I came from. Swordsmanship is mainly based on stabbing, so that people with swords rub their bodies, and the distance is as close as the moves of weapons such as daggers. Where did I come from? I frowned and turned over my wrist slightly. "Qiqiao Fan" was already in front of my throat. "Ding" hit the sword fan. Where did I come from? My wrist shook to the side, and the sword slipped to the side involuntarily. Just when they couldn't understand how to wash these two times, suddenly I came from where and my face suddenly changed and I said, "Tianshan Mountain catches the cloud hand." "You haven't forgotten my martial arts yet," he said with a smile. "It's a pity you remember it too late." As he spoke, he washed the corners of his mouth and spilled blood. At the foot of a pedal, two people floated out together, floating out of the direction, is the cliff. At this time, everyone has seen clearly that the left hand of the release of hand washing is being held on my waist where I came from. Outsiders naturally don't know what's so strange about this catch, but I know very well where I came from. I was relieved to wash this grasp, and now the right half of my body has no strength at all. The left hand claps heavily on the back of the release hand wash, the release hand wash right hand slightly lifts, in the hand "Bai Sheng Jian" has raised in front of where I come from. Where did I come from? I hastily changed my tactics several times, but I only defended but did not attack. I just put my sword in front of his hand and waited for his hand to clap itself. After several rounds of entanglement, the two men had come to the edge of the cliff. Where do I come from? My heart is anxious, but I don't panic. Know in the heart release hand to wash what to do, dark wait for him to exert oneself, oneself "borrow force to hit force" homeopathy can throw him down. As soon as the abacus was made, he suddenly felt that the strength of his left hand, which was held at his waist,Portable gold trommel, was loosened, and he staggered as if he were going to fall down, and he was overjoyed. ore-magnetic-mining.com