King's Landing

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The corner of Zhenhua's eyes twitched, and Yue Yu's movements of stripping flesh and blood seemed to be empathetic.

The corner of Zhenhua's eyes twitched, and Yue Yu's movements of stripping flesh and blood seemed to be empathetic. He mumbled several times and put up with it. It was not until he saw that Yue Yu had broken his bones and turned his whole body into hundreds of drops of blood that he could not bear it any longer. He begged in a soft voice, "Husband, you now have the blood of the ancestral dragon. Speaking of it, you can be regarded as a member of the dragon clan.". Need to be so cruel? After all, Uncle Lian is one of the rare real dragons in our clan. He is one of the only two hundred Taiyi immortals. Please give him some face! Yue Yu was not surprised, but with a half-smile, he looked back at Zhenhua and said, "I'm going to refine the Dragon Pill. The number is quite large. There are hundreds of them.". This Aolian flesh and blood can be used as my adjuvant. This furnace of dragon elixir, even if only 10% of the rate of the elixir, there are more than 70 pieces, perhaps you can achieve five or six real dragons in the West Sea. Zhenhua my wife, are you sure you want me to stop now? These days, he has already made it clear. The main medicine of this pill, Jiling yuanlong Herb, is rare in the world, and Hualong Pill is even less because of its bursting medicinal properties. Even highly skilled alchemy masters, often a furnace of hundreds of weight of Hualong Dan, only about three or five Dan. Zhenhua blinked his eyes. Then,spill plastic pallet, without hesitation, he nodded his head and said, "Please ask my husband to take care of it. But after Cheng Dan, I want 30% and my real name is Ao Hui. Zhenhua is just a title given by my father. My husband can call me Huier in the future!" Then he squinted at Ao Lian's bones. It was found that it was indeed scraped clean by Yue Yu, and there was no flesh and blood left on it. It was like regret, with a slight sigh. Then, as if remembering something,plastic bulk containers, he frowned slightly and said, "But how can the innate purple flame here refine the dragon elixir?"? Could it be that my husband is cheating on me? Yue Yu smiled and did not answer this time. After refining all the thousands of drops of blood, he looked in the direction of the fire door. After Ao Lian was led out of uniform, the purple flame in the center of the earth was indeed much more exuberant. Yue Yu's eyes flashed, and then, outside the fire door, he quickly hit hundreds of immortal stones. In the twinkling of an eye, a small spiritual array was formed. Zhenhua's eyes, suddenly is a flash of light, her array attainments, really profound. May be far inferior to Yue Yu, but the vision is not inferior. It was only a moment before he recognized the function of the spirit array. Then he was surprised and said, "Are you going to use this spirit array to draw fire?"? But inside this volcano, euro plastic pallet ,collapsible pallet box, all the fire veins have been drawn out, and I'm afraid this array is useless. The voice did not fall, then I saw Yue Yu and made dozens of handprints. Urging the spirit flame inside the fire door, only a dozen breaths of time, this group of flames, has been from purple to red. When the spirit array ran to the extreme, a pure white flame suddenly rushed out from under the ground. The powerful firepower also rushed up to the top of the flame melting tripod that suppressed the fire door. Is this the innate Dou rate star core divine flame? Zhenhua's eyes were in a daze and fixed on the fire door in front of him. Finally is some understand, why that Ao Lian will stay under this fire vein. In a short time, he can recover half of the injury. If it is this flame, both the alchemy and the alchemy are the best. In this way, Yue Yu had already used his soul to detect the existence of the star's nuclear flame. In the heart did not regard oneself as gave birth to a trace of envy, Yue Yu also did not know what kind of practice, yuan soul within the masculine strong, almost can be compared with the big Luo Jinxian. I am indeed qualified to probe the mind into the depths of this volcano. It is a pity that it was not learned together at the time of previous intercourse. Yue Yu, however, didn't care at all. He simply lifted the lid of the tripod and put the medicinal materials into it one after another. Then he explained casually, "It's just a little floating fire. It's not yet completely biochemical. It's nothing. It can only take three months at most." All spiritual flames in the world are divided into two types: the fire without roots and the fire with roots. The flames refined in Yueyu's body, such as the pure fire of Xuantian and the divine flame of congenital Polo, are all rootless flames. And such as the fire of the heart and lungs of the earth, or the divine flame of the innate Dou rate star core, and so on, it is a flame with roots. Yue Yu said that the root of the flame was not completely biochemical, but it meant that the fire vein was not completely stable. All it takes is a slight change, or too much consumption, and it will collapse. "Just a floating fire?"? It's nothing? This is one of the top five spiritual flames in the world. Zhenhua clenched a pair of small hands, and the joints made a burst of energy. After a long time, the anger was suppressed. Then he calmly and sweetly smiled at Yue Yu and said, "Husband, if this furnace of dragon elixir has not been able to produce 10% as you said.". Ao Hui, I will kill you myself. Never break your promise! Chapter 934 Hua Long Dan Cheng. Yue Yu's eyebrows jumped, not by some cold sweat dripping feeling. There was no intention of killing in Ao Hui's words, but the cold air was equally alarming. With this little girl's character, if he really failed to refine fifty or sixty dragon elixirs, most of them would really draw their swords against each other! The first time he refined this elixir, he did not dare to invest too much. Silently put in some more medicinal materials and dropped a little Aolian essence and blood. Then he took out a piece of Lingyuan Longcao, cut off a little fingernail-sized leaf, and threw it into the Dan Ding. Yue Yu was already sitting down beside him with his eyes closed, holding his hand against the flame melting tripod, quietly analyzing the changes in the spiritual power inside. Innate Dou rate star core divine flame is one of the five most rooted spiritual flames in the world, and its firepower is so strong that it is far from being comparable to ordinary flames. It may take half a year to replace it with the ordinary purple flame of the innate heart of the earth. At this moment, when Yue Yu triggered the flame, it only took a moment to melt all the medicine into liquid medicine. Only half an hour later, there was an explosion inside. When the lid of the tripod was opened,drum spill containment, all kinds of elixirs inside turned into a mass of dregs. Yue Yu frowned and felt for the first time that he had made a mistake. The medicine of the Dragon Pill was so strong that it far exceeded any elixir he had ever seen before. Several medicines conflict with each other, and it is almost impossible to jump together. But perhaps only in this way can the dragon blood be thoroughly stimulated and their blood purity be enhanced. The best way to make such medicines is to boil them slowly over a slow fire. Although the star core flame in front of him was good, the fire was too urgent and uncontrollable.